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Bouldering in The Netherlands is booming. We only miss one thing: a training center where everything is based on quality.

The quality that is needed to let motivated and experienced climbers, as well as professional athletes, reach their full potential. A hardcore training gym without bullsh*t, with all necessary facilities, expertise and a true climbing community in one place.

This is what we are building with the Wildflower Climbing Foundation, and we do it together with you! Join us in realising the first non-profit training centre for sport climbing.

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Let’s change the way we buy our clothes. Buy only what you need and stand against fast fashion by choosing quality over quantity. All our creativity is put into giving meaning and durability to what we sell.

Our impactsustainability

The environment always comes first for us. We want to minimize our negative impact on the planet and maximize our positive impact on the people. Therefore, we always think about our environmental impact, our social responsibility, and how we can give back, as the main pillars that support our vision on sustainability