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Wildflower Climbing

Wildflower Team

Welcome to the Wildflower Climbing Community! A true brew climbing company, created by and for climbers. We are here to express our creativity through our clothing line, bouldering gym and community activities. Everyone is welcome, and we choose people and planet over profit in everything that we do.

Read our story to find out who we are, what we want and how we do it holding on to our core values.



Our new bouldering gym in Leiden is built for all climbers who are motivated to train to improve their climbing skills. We offer a variety of training facilities, including multiple bouldering walls in all styles and a large strength & conditioning area. Combining this with our in-house expertise, we created a training program to suit all personal preferences, so everyone can have the optimal climbing experience!

Tiba Vroom training gym

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Organic rush t-shirt natural raw
Organic Rush T-Shirt
Elements Hoodie
Elements Hoodie
Universe t-shirt black
Universe T-shirt
Youth t-shirt snakey ochre
Snakey T-Shirt
Spirit t-shirt white
Spirit T-Shirt
Water bottle as above so below
As Above So Below Water Bottle


Have a look at our hand printed and 100% sustainable clothing and accessories, and transform your climbing wardrobe into a stylish, stand-out collection. All our creativity and attention is put into giving meaning and durability to the products that we sell. This way we can stand against fast fashion by choosing quality over quantity.

Our impactsustainability

The environment always comes first for us. We want to minimize our negative impact on the planet and maximize our positive impact on the people. Therefore, we always think about our environmental impact, our social responsibility, and how we can give back to the climbing community as the main pillars that support our vision on sustainability.

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