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We are True brew. The Wildflower Climbing Foundation was born out of passion for climbing and everything around it. We love every aspect of it, and our experiences go from opening boulders in Fontainebleau, to travelling the world for bouldering world cups, to designing and building climbing gyms.

What we do is non-profit. Everything we do is done out of our passion for climbing and the environment we do it in. We care more about being true to our values than about making money.

We believe everything in this world is about balance. As above, so below. As within, so without. As the universe, so the soul. We base our philosophy on the cyclic nature of life.


Who we are

Wildflower climbing team

What we want

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Climbing is what we do, it’s our lifestyle. Everyone at the gym or at the crag is part of the community. We deliver products and facilities that are part of that lifestyle. We have created a brand that represents the values and philosophy of the modern climbing community.

In the Dutch climbing community, we see a serious lack of high level training facilities. We want to fill up this gap by building a National Training Center, where we bring all necessary facilities and expertise together in one place. Where we can hold on to our core values without being bothered by commercial interests.

We offer products and facilities that not only make you feel good, but are also sustainable. We believe that the products you use and the clothes that you wear have the power to make a positive impact on the environment, the planet and everyone around you.

As climbers we are dependent on the nature around us. What once started in the mountains, developed into rock climbing and later indoor climbing. As the indoor sport is growing fast, we have to remember how important the environment is that started it all. Because that’s the core of our passion and it’s our collective responsibility to protect our natural playground.

How we do it

Everything we do at Wildflower is done out of our love for creating, our passion for climbing and the burning need we feel to save our planet. That’s the start of everything. From there we created a brand that represents the climbing lifestyle.

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We are a climbing company. Wildflower is a brand for climbers, born from experience. We want to share our love for climbing, from rock to plastic, with as many people as possible.

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We are made to create. We just have to speak up about our ideas, our vision and our opinions. That’s why we’ve put that in a brand, so we can really be free, make art and make a difference.

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Sustainability. The environment always comes first for us. We want to minimize our negative impact on the planet and maximize our positive impact on the people.

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one with the earth

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Diverse by nature

We embrace diversity. We acknowledge that nobody is the same, yet everyone is equal. Whatever your background, race or gender. We are one.

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We are driven by passion and built from experience. This has made us who we are. Truebrew. Raw and honest, and everything from the heart. With this spirit we create the products and ideas we share with our community.

True brew

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