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Everything starts in nature and so do we. We believe that it’s our responsibility as a
community to protect our planet for the threats it’s facing. Therefore, sustainability is
one of our core values. We want to minimize our negative impact on the planet and
maximize our positive impact on the people.
Our vision about sustainability is supported by these three pillars:

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Environmental impact

Our products are made from sustainable materials to reduce the amount of waste we produce as a society. For us, quality always goes over quantity. For our products we strive to use only recycled or bio degradable materials to minimalize our waste production even more. We also reduce our negative impact by making all our products cruelty-free. We make sure all the materials we use are no harm to any human, animal or ecosystem.

This way we protect the rocks, our planet and all the amazing nature and cultures it contains.




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social responsibility

Fair Wear

Every aspect of our brand is socially
responsible. This means we make sure our entire supply chain is fair and all our materials are produced Fair trade. This way we create a
better world for the people who need it most and work hard to decrease social inequality.

give back

not for profit

We didn’t build this brand for profit, we built it to give back. We want to give something back to the world, to the people, to the climbing community and to the environment. We want to use our years of experience to make a positive
impact on the world around us. That’s why we vow to invest our profits back into the climbing community by supporting athletes and climbing related initiatives. We also donate part of our profits to non-profit organizations that
represent our values and fight the important battles for the planet and the people
by being member of the 1% for the planet organization.


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