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Do you want to become a better climber, but are you struggling to see how you can improve yourself? Are you stuck at the same level or do you have specific goals you want to achieve?

With Wildflower coaching, we offer various different coaching programs, focussed on both the mental and the physical aspect of climbing.

Read about our positive realistic approach to coaching and how we can help you take your climbing to the next level.


We love putting our creativity into climbing. Creating brand new ideas and moves by putting holds on a blank wall.

Read about our approach and how you can get in touch with our Wildflower routesetters.

Gym design

With our professional experience in interior design, and years of experience in the climbing community, Wildflower offers to design and redesign climbing and boudering gyms.

We strive to make gyms more than just a place to climb, by creating a complete atmosphere throughout the gym. We want to invite people to stay and feel welcomed, as well as presenting a fresh and modern look.

Wildflower gym

We want to unite likeminded people into the Wildflower community. Therefore, we are building a place where we can train together, hang out together and share our passions and ideas. A place where we can express ourselves and inspire each other to do what we want to do.