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Positive Realistic approach

Do you want to become a better climber, but are you struggling to see how you can improve yourself? Are you stuck at the same level or do you have specific goals you want to achieve? With Wildflower coaching, we offer various different coaching programs, focussed on both the mental and the physical aspect of climbing.

We have many years of climbing and coaching experience in our team. From group trainings in the gym to coaching National top climbers at World Cups and other international competitions.

Our approach goes beyond just making physical training schedules. We see that many people can train their body, but we often forget how important the mind is in everything that we do, and especially in climbing. We use this insight to make our training as personal as possible and to build a bond between the coach and the climber.

What we offer is positive realistic coaching. We help you find what it is that is holding you back and help you improve those aspects, as well as focussing on your strengths and making the most of what you already have.

what we offer

We offer three different coaching programs:


  • Personal coaching: Let us help you make the most out of yourself in climbing with personal analyses, training schedules and one-on-one training sessions with one of our coaches.


  • Comp training: Do you want to improve in, or join the (inter)national bouldering or lead competition circuit? Train together with a motivated group of climbers, combined with mental coaching and a physical preparation plan.


  • Outdoor training: Are you trying to reach your goal on rock, but you need help to train for it? We can help you set your goals and make a plan of how to reach them, as well as group trainings with likeminded climbers.


Are you interested in improving your level in climbing, or do you have any questions about Wildflower coaching or our approach?

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