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Gym Design

creating an atmosphere

With our professional experience in interior design, and years of experience in the climbing community, Wildflower offers to design and redesign climbing and boudering gyms.

We strive to make gyms more than just a place to climb, by creating a complete atmosphere throughout the gym. We want to invite people to stay and feel welcomed, as well as presenting a fresh and modern look.

We think the gym should be the place where climbers want to hang out, have a drink with friends and be inspired to climb more. We always try to make every element of the gym comply with this philosophy, creating a comprehensive vibe.

our work

We have designed and redesigned various different bouldering gyms in The Netherlands. Have a look at some of our work and let yourself be inspired by the vibe of the climbing community!

Are you interested in Wildflower gym design or do you have any questions? Please let us know via