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Meet Our Trainers

jorg franken

head coach

Jørg Franken

Jørg has been climbing for 30 years and has over 25 years of coaching experience. He has been head coach of many successful (youth) climbing teams and professional climbers. As former National top climber and assistant coach for the Dutch National team, he has plenty of experience in coaching for both competitions and rockclimbing. Jørg is coach of the Wildflower Climbing Team and general head coach.


Tiba Vroom

Tiba is a professional climber who loves to share her knowledge through coaching. Her specialty is technique training, which she teaches four times a week at the Wildflower Training Center. Through her years of experience as a pro climber, Tiba knows what it takes to improve your level and is able to teach you the ins and outs of climbing technique, building strength and fitness, setting goals and much more.


Stephan Rayar

Stephan’s addiction to movement has brought him to many sports, but climbing is the one thing that stuck with him forever. He teaches the daily morning Strength & Conditioning training at the Wildflower Training Center, inspired by the range of movement needed for climbing.


Paul Houbrechts

Our Youth climbing trainer Paul has experience both as a competition climber and as a rockclimber. He is keen to teach both Climbing Technique and the basics of Strength & Conditioning to the new generation in a way that is fun, motivating and sustainable.

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