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We love putting our creativity into climbing. Creating brand new ideas and moves by putting holds on a blank wall. In routesetting, we try to find the right balance between new school volume dancing and traditional outdoor-like bouldering.

We use our own climbing experience in indoor, outdoor and competition climbing as an inspiration next to our years of professional routesetting experience. Combined, we have over forty years of climbing experience and know the climbing community from inside and out. We have experience in setting and testing boulders and routes for commercial gyms, (inter)national competitions and other events.

We strive to keep educating ourselves, for example by attending workshops from international setters like the legendary climber and routesetter Jacky Godoffe.

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Are you looking to strengthen your routesetting team? Do you need a setter or tester for a bouldering competition or event? Do you have any questions about Wildflower Routesetting? Please contact us via and we would love to give you more information!