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Building the Wildflower Climbing National Training Center

How we started the first non-profit Training Center for climbing

The amount of bouldering gyms in The Netherlands has absolutely exploded over the last couple of years, and with that amount of Dutch climbers. But something has been missing. Somehow, climbing at the highest level has seen little of this growth. There just doesn’t seem to be a culture that optimally stimulates top climbers to reach their full potential. And we have a vision to do something about this.

The idea of building a National Training Center, designed especially for top-level climbers, has been playing in our heads for years. Many national teams have a similar facility and this seems to be a key ingredient for reaching the highest level in climbing. It was clear that the Dutch National Federation would not be able to provide such a facility in the near future, so we decided to take matters into our own hands. We started the Wildflower Climbing Foundation to build the first non-profit National Training Center for climbing and training at the highest level.

byTiba Vroom

The reason why we are running the gym as a foundation is because we see how commercial interests are often opposing what is needed for an optimal training space for the highest level. By funding the Training Center through mainly sponsoring, crowdfunding and donations, we keep the power in the hands of the community. We are building this together, and everyone who identifies themselves in our ideals is more than welcome to join us! We care about our community and our core values more than we care about making money. That’s why all the profit we make, whether it is with gym entrances, personal coaching or the sale of our merchandise, will be put back into the foundation to reach our goal: To stimulate top-level climbing in The Netherlands in a sustainable and socially responsible way.


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