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Reconnecting with nature

We founded Wildflower so we could express ourselves and use our creativity to do something good for our community and our planet. We also want to inspire people to reconnect with the nature around them. This is what we ourselves are striving for too. That is why we are working on one of our lifetime dreams: living in a tiny house on wheels, the Wildflower Bus.

The idea came very natural to us

In the climbing community, it’s not a rare sight to see people travel around in vans, from climbing area to climbing area. We had a van ourselves, a tiny home we could take anywhere we wanted. The freedom it gave us was amazing, but every time after a few days on the road, we had to go back home to use the facilities of a regular house which we lacked. The idea was growing, what if we didn’t have to go home? How can we make it possible to fit everything we need in a portable space?

byTiba Vroom
"We can’t wait to see where our little home on wheels will take us in the future"

That is when the planning started

We figured out how much space we needed, how much money, how much time, and the more we thought it through, the more it became clear that this is actually possible. Of course we would need to give up some comfort, but what we would get back for it is invaluable: freedom. Then, sooner than we had expected, we found a bus that was just perfect for us. Just big enough to fit everything in, not too big so we couldn’t drive it anywhere without too much trouble. The building process started and we put our heart and soul into it, thinking about all the adventures we would have once it was finished. We did as much as possible ourselves, to cut some costs and also so we could fix anything if ever necessary, so that we knew every little detail about how it has been made. And of course because it was a lot of fun to do.

After we had the bus finished enough to get all the paperwork done and take it on the road, the adventures began immediately. It’s still far from finished to use as an actual house, but already it has been an amazing experience that we would love to share with everyone. We can’t wait to see where our little home on wheels will take us in the future.

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