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Building a home gym

What do you do when the gyms are closed for a long time and you are addicted to bouldering? You build a home gym of course!

This is what Wildflower tribe members Stephan and Marloes were thinking when the Corona pandemic caused all the indoor gyms in The Netherlands to close for months. Not climbing and training for such a long period of time was simply not an option for them, so they started to rethink the layout of their house to see if there was any possible way to fit a bouldering wall and training station into their apartment. Who needs a guest bedroom when no-one is allowed to come over anyway? So that was decided, they moved around their stuff to empty one of the two bedrooms, mobilised friends and fellow Wildflower tribe members and started making plans for their home gym: Caesars Rock.

byTiba Vroom
"Not climbing and training for such a long period of time was simply not an option for Stephan and Marloes"

Wildflower ambassador Jørg Franken was asked to do the design of the gym and lead the build. His experience with previously designed gyms and construction works came in very handy when they had to fit an entire gym into a small bedroom. Jørg started drawing and working out the design, working closely together with Stephan and Marloes to make everything as close to their perfect picture as possible. Together, they put together their very own bouldering wall and training area in a couple of days and Stephan and Marloes could finally start pursuing their passion for bouldering again.

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