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Startup REVOLT Bouldering Gym

For a very long time, we have been noticing that high quality training facilities in bouldering gyms in The Netherlands are seriously lacking. There was just no proper place to train for the country’s top athletes. That is when the idea arose of creating a high-end bouldering gym with top training facilities and a big, international competition wall. The plan for Revolt Bouldering Gym was born.

From the moment this was in our heads, we started looking for opportunities to make this happen. For two years, we looked for partners, locations and different options to realize the idea. Eventually, we found the location in Delft and everything seemed to be falling into place.

byTiba Vroom
"Complete package of high-end bouldering gym and design that goes through and through."

Jørg Franken, co-founder of Revolt Bouldering Gym, led the start-up process. When the build began, Jørg could be found on location pretty much every day. With his experience in construction work, he led the whole building process, as well as the group of volunteers he enthused and directed. Staying up all night to work out his ideas from first drawings on, he poured his heart and soul into the design of the gym. The idea was to make a statement, be off the beaten path and against the established order that is common in Dutch commercial climbing gyms.

Together with designer Peter Kuyt of Visual Friday, they went for an all-inclusive design, aiming to fit even the smallest details into their plans. They started by making a set of statements to capture the essence of Revolt and built everything around this concept. From the climbing walls and holds to the bar area, everything was taken into account. They even turned the central hallway into a complete art gallery, with works of friend and artist Wesley. Every detail was fit into the concept Jørg and Peter had created in their heads. This makes Revolt the first bouldering gym in the country with the complete package of high-end bouldering gym and design that goes through and through.

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