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Start of the season

Rock climbing in Albarracín

With the first World Cup coming up and no National competitions to lead up to it, Wildflower athlete Tiba Vroom decided this spring to travel to the famous bouldering area of Albarracín, Spain, to test her fitness and bouldering skills going into the season. Together with coach Jörg Franken they drove to Spain, hoping to find some nice sandstone boulders in a sunny climate.

In the winter of 2019 we went to Albarracín for the first time. We were immediately blown away by the beauty of the area and the quality of the red sandstone boulders. As soon as we had to leave, we were already thinking about going back to Spain as soon as possible. In the end it took us two years to go back but here we were, just as stunned as the first time around.

The main goal of the trip was to switch focus from the long training period that lay behind, to the competition season ahead. To get the mind ready for sending hard boulders again.

byTiba Vroom
Wild Family
"Only when we left the main areas we realized how much potential this whole area still has."

We both had some open projects from last time, but we were especially excited to explore the area and check out both some classic climbs in the main areas, as well as some newly developed problems in the newer and lesser known areas. The first days we spent mainly trying many different problems, in search of some nice projects for now and for the future. When Tiba tried a long 8A/V11 boulder with big holes through a roof called “Dr. Robotics” she decided that this would be the main focus of the trip. After two days of trying, she took a restday and sent the boulder first go the next day. After that, she did the classic 7b+/7c “El Varano”. Possibly the most classic line of the area could not miss off her ticklist.

Next to the classic areas, we went to some of the newer and lesser-known areas in Albarracín upon recomendation of our host of the Sandstone Guesthouse, where we were staying. Only when we left the main areas we realized how much potential this whole area still has. Every day, new boulders are opened and many more are still unknown. We are super excited to see the development of this beautiful red sandstone paradise and cannot wait to see where it will stand in a few years!

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