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Face everything and rise

Name: Marloes Vink

Age: 32

Climbing since: 2017

Proudest moment:
Facing my fears

Fav climbing spot:

Deep water solo

"Face Everything And Rise"

Marloes is one of our loyal Wildflower tribe members, who binds the team together with her warm enthousiasm, barista skills and creativity.

Four years ago, Marloes started climbing together with her boyfriend Stephan. Initially, they did a sport climbing course, but soon it became clear that they both preferred bouldering over lead climbing. It didn’t take long for Marloes to get addicted. Especially the physical moves in steep boulders were what drew her more and more into the sport, combined with the constant stimulus to face and overcome fears and boundaries.

Together, they really discovered their passion for climbing during the past years. They have been visiting many different bouldering gyms throughout the country, as well as the bouldering paradise of Fontainebleau. Next on her bucket list is going on a road trip to Spain to do some deep-water soloing.

Since her passion for bouldering brought Marloes into the Wildflower tribe, both she and Stephan have been loyal members and strong supporters of the Wildflower team. She uses her creativity and her love for drawing to inspire and bring new ideas to our approach, and makes everyone feel welcomed with her skills as a professional barista and chocolatier. Who doesn’t love a good coffee with homemade chocolate before their climbing session?