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Paul Houbrechts

Name: Paul Houbrechts

Age: 18

Climbing since:

Proudest moment:

Fav climbing spot:


"It's no fun without frustration"

Ever since he started climbing, and also before doing other sports, Paul has been dedicated to train as hard as he can to improve himself. Besides a providing loads of training motivation, he always makes sure that trainings are fun, even when things seem frustrating.

Since he joined the Wildflower team, Paul has been someone you can count on with his passion for the sport and hard work. His main focus in climbing is on outdoor bouldering, and what he loves most is trying the classic hard boulders in Fontainebleau, France. On his ticklist he already has boulders like ‘Carnage’ (7B+) and ‘Bérézina’ (7C), which are some of the absolute masterpieces of the Fontainebleau forest.