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Stevie stoner

Name: Stevie Rayar

Age: 35

Climbing since: 2017

Proudest moment: Starting my own company and achieving my IRATA

Fav climbing spot:

Goals: Climbing at my max without injuries

"You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have"

Wildflower team member Stephan shows us time and time again how hard work pays off. How you can come from the deepest low and use your willpower to fight your way up again and take your life into your own hands.

At the age of 16, Stephan started working as a window washer. His life has been full of ups and downs. After fighting depression, addiction and the loss of multiple people close to him, he fell into a deep self-destructive mode. One day, he knew he had to change something and he went into rehab and therapy. To prevent himself from falling back into old habits, he found his way out in sports.

Sport has always been the one thing Stephan was good at. When he was younger, he participated in soccer and basketball, but now he wanted something different and Martial Arts always intrigued him. The movement, the art and the philosophy really caught his attention.

During that period of time, he also started his own window washing company and completed his IRATA certificate. Looking back, all the pieces fell right into place. The traditional window washing, fighting depression and dealing with losses, and the movement, art and philosophy of Martial Arts.

After two years of training Martial Arts, it was time for something new. It was when he saw the movie “Valley Uprising”, a film about the history and movements of climbing, that he felt drawn to this sport. He also wanted to feel more secure about climbing with ropes, so he and his girlfriend Marloes took a top-roping course. Later, he switched to the local bouldering gym where they started climbing more and more, until they were completely addicted.