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Tiba Vroom Riverbed Magic Wood

Name: Tiba Vroom

Age: 21

Climbing since: 2006

Proudest moment: Climbing Riverbed (8B/V13)

Fav climbing spot: Fontainebleau, Magic Wood

Goals: Climb as much as possible and enjoy!

"Some moments everything just comes together. It’s days like these that make all the training, the failing, all the hard work and dedication so worth it, and you know you are on the right path."

From a very young age, Wildflower co-founder Tiba Vroom has had a strong passion for climbing and everything around it. Soon after she joined the local kids climbing club, she started getting into climbing competitions and the love grew ever stronger.

After winning multiple national youth championships in bouldering as well as lead climbing, she became a prominent climber in the senior national cups and national championships, winning the 2020 overall bouldering title.

She climbed her first 8a on lead when she was 15 years old, but since then her focus shifted more and more towards bouldering.

She joined the Dutch National Team when she was 16 years old. She has since been competing in the international circuit and made her world cup debut in 2018.

In 2014 Tiba started training with her coach Jørg Franken as part of his team of top national climbers. Since then, Jørg has become her personal coach, working together intensively.

Tiba has always loved outdoor bouldering and often visits the world famous bouldering area of Fontainebleau, France. This year, she has really managed to take her outdoor bouldering to another level, traveling around Switzerland in a self-converted school bus.

In just five months she progressed from having 7C as her personal best, to climbing the classic ‘Riverbed’ (FB 8B/V13) in Magic Wood, Switzerland.

With her ascent of Riverbed, Tiba has proved herself as a world-class climber, being the fourth female to climb this boulder, and the first Dutch female climber to reach the level of 8B/V13.